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    On the night of 4th January 1988, when Mr.R.Lalsiama was the VCP of the Ramhlun ‘South’ Village Council, the Ramhlun ‘South’ unit Committee had a meeting at the residence of Mr.Vanlalchhunga Ralte. In this meeting, the Village Council as part of their developmental scheme had proposed to establish a college in the vicinity of Aizawl North. The unit committee unanimously resolved the proposal and appointed Mr. Lalnghenga to be the convener, with Mr.P.C.Thangzela as the Secretary.

    Notification regarding the setting up the new college was circulated to all the Village Councils under Aizawl North Constituency, Viz; Ramhlun North, Chaltlang, Bawngkawn, Ramhlun Vengthar and Edenthar, encouraging them to gather interested personalities for this project. These pioneers met together for the very first time on 28th January, 1988 at the residence of Mr. Thangluaia of Bawngkawn. Mr. P.C. Thangzela presided over the meeting where they resolved the establishment of Aizawl North College. The meeting subsequently elected the office bearers for the Managing Board. 
They were:-

Chairman Mr. Lalnghenga, Ramhlun
Vice Chairman Mr. T. Dela, Chaltlang
Secretary Mr. P.C. Thangzela, Ramhlun South
Assistant Secretary Mr. K. Lalchungnunga, Ramhlun Vengthar
Treasurer Mr. Thangluaia, Bawngkawn
Finance Secretary Mr. Lallianzuala Sailo,Ramhlun South

    With the election of the new Office Bearers, another notification as well as request for donation was circulated to all the houses of the whole constituency. As was initially intended, the college was to be financed by the charity of the denizens of Aizawl North. Keeping this in mind, five denizens each from all the different localities under the Constituency were selected as Board Members. The total counts of the Managing Board including the elected OBs were then forty in number. But within one or two months, the Managing Board had to be downsized because of numerous problems regarding quorums, which arose during their frequent meetings.
    An Interview for the posts of the Principal, one Office clerk and one IV Grade were called on 10th February, 1988 at Mr.Neihthanglunga’s residence, who was the VCP of Ramhlun ‘North’. The Board members present at this time were:-


1 Mr. Lalnghenga
2 Mr. T.Dela
3 Mr. P.C. Thangzela
4 Mr. K. Lalchungnunga
5 Mr. Thangluaia
6 Mr. Lallianzuala Sailo
7 Mr. F. Malsawma
8 Mr. H.Vanlalkeuva
9 Mr. Thanghuta
10 Mr. Neihthanglunga
11 Mr. P.C. Manliana
12 Mr. Chhuanliana
13 Mr. B.Lalchhuanliana
14 Mr.K. thankima
15 Mr. H. Kaibuaia
16 Mr. B. Vanlalzika
17 Mr. R. Rotluanga
18 Mr. K. Lalrinmawia
19 Mr. Lalfala

       It is noteworthy that the Board itself took upon the task of selecting the staff without creating a selection committee nor invited a subject expert for the occasion. It must also be mentioned that, there was a full transparency in the selection. The Board did not show any favoritism over any candidate, in fact, their main objective was purely for the best interest of the college. This can be evident from their unanimous selection of Mr.Tawkkhupa of Sailulak for the post of IV grade, a person whom the board hardly knew prior to the interview. Likewise, among the 17 candidates who had appeared for the post of the Principal, Mr.Lalrinawma of Khawlian was selected. And for the office clerk, Mrs.Vanlalruati of Ramhlun ‘North’ was selected among other 18 candidates. The newly selected staffs were expected to give their joining report on 1st March, 1988. While the posts of lecturers and other staffs were to be considered immediately without delay.
    And so, on the first day of March 1988, the much awaited AIZAWL NORTH COLLEGE was officially opened at Hrangchhuana H/S. Shortly after a month or two, the college was shifted to a vacant TTI building as with the permission from the then TTI principal, Mr.Rozinga. The new building could even spare a separate room for the principal which was much convenient. At this time, the Hon’ble Education Minister would place the problems regarding the College’s building and other matters to the Government on the Board’s behalf. The College is very much grateful to him for his support and contribution.
    The search for the College’s campus was a hectic one. The Ramhlun ‘South’ V/C, who had taken the initiative wanted the College to be within their vicinity. Unfortunately, there was not any available space for the College. Therefore, the search for the land and building continued ceaselessly. The Board had even met the then Chief Minister, Mr.Laldenga(L) who was also the MLA of the Aizawl North constituency and requested him to enquire about the vacated Army Camp at Bawngkawn. This meeting with the CM was during the month of February 1988. The Board members themselves had met with the Army Commandant but of no avail, as the army was still using the place as a transit camp even though they had vacated it. 
    The Board, after a futile search for the new location, resolved to settle at TTI building. But, a chowkidar who could stay overnight was needed to guard the office and other facilities of the college. Therefore, the Board met the TTI Principal to ask for his permission to build a small quarter for the chowkidar. The actual intention was to construct the college building! With his permission, the Board again requested Mr.P.C.Thangzela to take charge of this project and collect necessary materials for the building. Mr.Zela was the most efficient and hard working member, who would immediately execute whatever responsibility that was given in his hands. So, with his enthusiastic effort the structure of the College’s building was set up in no time.
    Unfortunately, the Education Department (Govt. of Mizoram) could not permit to set up a building within their land. The Board persisted on finishing the building and work was almost finished, when, to their misfortune there was a landslide at the site of the building which completely disrupted the on going project. Inevitably, as was greatly feared, yet apprehensively expected, the Education Department issued a ‘Demolition Order’.
    There were no other places to where the College would shift. Therefore, Mr. Lalnghenga, the Chairman of the Managing Board knew that they had no other options than to be completely obstinate about the situation. He encouraged the people to resume the work and finish it as soon as possible. He defiantly stated that, they had started the building for the good cause of the people. Even if the police come to demolish the building, he himself would stand at the top of the building and challenge them to take down the building along with him... if they dare!
    The work had started off with zero balance. The Board members from all the different localities collected money from all the houses in their respective area. When every family contributed their share which varies from Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50 etc; which totaled to a large sum. Apart from the difficulty in collecting the contributions on a regular basis, most of the materials needed for a Private College were met from the generous contributions of the denizens. This definitely showed the level of dedication the people had in their dreams of establishing a College.

Looking back it has been a long and an ardous road, but the  twenty five years of journey is rewarded by thousands of students who graduated from the College,becoming pillars of the society.  Many former students maturing into Army Officers, Church Leaders, Politicians, Academicians, Police Officers, Adminsitrators, Businessmen, and social workers. In the last admission process, the college has received admission application a hundred times more than it can accomodate.


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