Department: Education

Sl. No Name, Fathers Name           & Address Qualification with NET/SLET Date of Joining 
1 Angela Zoramthangi, HOD M.A. 22.4.1992
  D/o K Zadenga (L)    
  New Carmel, Ramhlun S    
2 Lalzarmawii M.A. 28.4.1993
  D/o K. Malsawma    
  PWD Mual Ramhlun N    
3 Thanchhungi Hmar M.A. B.Ed 15.5.1998
  D/o John Dinga (L)    
  Aizawl Venglai    
4 Lalhlimpuii M.A. 7.5.1999
  D/o Lianhleia    
  Upper Republic    

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