In pursuance of the Government notification No. B. 1307/11/2014- THE dated 24.2.2015, the following persons are hereby appointed as members of the Project monitoring unit, RUSA, Govt, Aizawl North College, Aizawl with immediate effect and until further order.


1 Mr. Vanlalduha Principal
2 Mr. Zohmingliana Coordinator
3 Mr. H.Zonunsanga Civil Works
4 Mr. C.Vanlalvuana Equity Assurance Plan Implementation
5 Dr. Lalrinmawia Academic Activities
6 Mr. B.Lalthakima Account
7 Mrs.Lianchhungi Procurement
8 Mr. Lalzuitluanga Academic Adviser
9 Prof. R.Lalnuntluanga Member
10 Mr. Nangthantina Member
11 Dr.Zomuana Joute Member
12 Vice President,SU Member

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