• ØThe Admission Policy of the college ought to be considered its distinctive area in working towards the realization of its mission statement, “Development of society through Education is the guiding principle of the college”. Since its inception in 1988 through thirty six years of its existence, the institute has never been intimidated of admitting slow learners and third division students into its fraternity, but takes it up as a challenge to groom and guide these students to become better citizens to the society by providing them quality education as well as holistic development through numerous co-curricular and extension activities. It takes pride in admitting academically and economically  challenged students , committing to give free admission to at least twenty economically challenged students since 2020, and within three years of nurturing in a vibrant academic environment to see them to graduate with good academic records, thereby pursuing higher studies. The institute also feels honored that among these students, it has had candidates securing ranks and topper positions in the university examinations. 


  • ØThe institute takes pride in its contribution of uplifting the society through social services and other extension programmes. The NSS unit of the college has tremendous contributions through Special programmes including Blood donation camp, observing Green Mizoram Day, participating in NSS Festival, serving the community through Blood Donation Camp and undertaking Cleanliness Drive, maintaining Plantation site as Green Mizoram initiative etc.
  • Ø Through The Red Ribbon Club, the institute joined hands with organizations fighting to curb the spreading of HIV Aids. Few activities including Peer Educators programme where members educate their peers about the horrendous effects of HIV Aids, spreading awareness through Painting Competition, Virtual Awareness Campaign, Focus Group Discussion, Blood Donation Camp, HIV Test Drive, HIV Self-Test Intervention and participating in Inter College Quiz Championship securing the Champion Cup. 
  • NCC-enrolled students not only enhance their career prospect but also instil discipline and leadership qualities. The institute established these student services to broaden student’s horizons, promoting cultural exchange and unity. Moreover, these initiatives benefit the community by addressing critical issues such as blood shortage, public health awareness and gender equality. The sensitisation of students on social issues equips them to become responsible citizens, actively contributing to community welfare fostering a symbiotic relationship between the institution and its surroundings.
  • Ø The Institute invites learned speakers from the Government, Academia and Alumni to share their knowledge and interact with students and staff. The Institute has a big repository of books, journals, periodicals, theses, rare editions, manuscripts, and videos for the use of all staff and students.