Voluntary Blood Donation Camp
The NSS Unit Govt. Aizawl North College and Lengteng Youth Adventure Club of the College organized a Blood Donation Camp on 7/11/22, Monday for Aizawl Civil Hospital Blood Bank at the College campus. A total of 116 units of blood were donated among which 90 units were from male volunteers and 26 units from female volunteers.

Special Camping Program

The NSS Unit, Govt. Aizawl North College organised a Special Camping Program from 7th - 14th November 2022 at Lailak, the adopted village. The theme for this Special Camping Program is "Water Conservation" with "Awareness on the importance of Education and Cleanliness" and "Renovation of NSS assets" as sub-themes.       10 NSS volunteers, 3 Program Officers, and 2 Professors from the College participated in the Special Camping. A Public Meeting was held in the Primary School Hall where 2 Professors and 2 Volunteers delivered speeches on topics of the theme. A Cleanliness Drive was observed by collecting litters and cleaning the NSS assets and School compounds.


International Day Against Drug Abuses and Illicit Trafficking

On the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuses and Illicit Trafficking, Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan, (NMBA) Aizawl district organised a Mass Awareness Run Against Drug Abuse with a theme on Addressing Drug Challenges in Health and Humanitarian Crises on 24/6/2022. The program was flagged off by the Director, Higher and Technical Education, Govt. Of Mizoram from Vanapa Hall with the finishing line at Millenium Centre. The following Master Volunteers of Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan (NMBA) of Govt. Aizawl North College and their fellow students participated in this Mini Marathon :-
1. Lalchhuanmawii 5 Sem
2. B.Lalliansiami 5 Sem.
3. Marlyn Lalhlunchhungi 5 Sem.
4. Lalrintluanga 5 Sem.
5. Dolinzauva 5 Sem.
6. Lalremruata 5 Sem.   Video - VID-20220626-WA0011.mp4