2020_2_Invited Speaker

2020_2_Invited Speaker2

2020_10_ Agro Based Economy Webinar

2020_10_Role of local body in sustaining rural economy of India

2021_1_Career Guidance

2021_3_Career Guidance

2021_3_Career Guidance Webinar

2021_3_Career Guidance Webinar2

Geog_Project Report_2020

Geog_Project report_2021

Geog_Project report_2022

Geog_Project Report_2023

2022_MoU Signed by GANC & GHC

2022_2_Virtual Faculty Exchange with GHC

2022_7_ FDP@GJTC_Exchange Programme

2022_9_Exchange Programme with GJTC_Dr. Tetea

2022_9_Exchange Programme with GHC_Dr. Hminga

2022_9_Exchange Programme with GJTC_Mr. Gabriel

2022_9_Exchange Programme with GJTC_Mr. Pca

2023_2_Study Tour cum Exchange Programme 2023

2023_5_Students' Exposure Programme

2023_9_Exchange Programme with GJTC_Dr. Tetea

2023_9_Parents Teachers Meet

2023_10_Visiting Faculty Lecture_Dr. Marema

2023_9_Anganwadi Visit

2023-9 Second Anganwadi Vist

2024_2_Students' Exposure Programme

2024_3_Study Tour cum Exchange Programme 2024

2024_3_Life Skill Training